Where's Spirit of Vancouver Island?

The Spirit of Vancouver Island passenger ferry, which sails on the Swartz Bay-Tsawwassen route
left BC on September 14th for a transatlantic voyage to Poland for its mid-life upgrade at the
Remontowa Ship Repair Yard, Gdansk, Poland. The transit is estimated at 42 days .....

Watch the September 26th Panama Canal (Gatun) timelapse video ....

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Current Status - Out of AIS range, shown at last reported position. - Destination - Gdansk

Trip KMs Speed in Knots
Last Max Avg
To Poland 16,211 0 21.8 0

2018 September 14 - BC Ferries - Spirit of Vancouver Island Mid-Life Upgrade ..... more news

Info: AIS data is by VHF radio with a range of 15-60 nautical miles, there will be 'Out of Range' periods when far from populated areas.

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Blue The ship is underway.
Purple The ship is stopped or at anchor.
Gold The ship is moored.
Red The ship has been stopped for more than 14 days.
White The ship is not being reported by AIS, shown at last reported position.

Wind forecast for current Spirit of VI position at 54.37626, 18.65405

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Timelapse video - September 26th - Spirit of VI in Panama Canal (Gatun lock)

Spirit of Vancouver Island

2017 Sep 07 - Times Colonist - BC built Spirit ferry going to Poland for refit, dual-fuel conversion