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2020 April 10 - Times Colonist - Freighter collision sparks call for stricter measures

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Captain Pass
Cowichan Bay
Houston Pass
Kulleet Bay
Plumper Sound
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Arrived Days Zone Anchor Ship Type Length Destination Live
July 05 2.5 Cowichan Bay A CORAL RUBY Bulk Carrier 225 Vancouver VF
July 04 3.5 Plumper Sound B GL IGUAZU Bulk Carrier 240 Roberts Bank VF
July 01 6.5 Trincomali 1 ATLANTIC MONTERREY Bulk Carrier 199 Vancouver VF
July 01 7.1 Houston Pass 1 INFINITY SKY Bulk Carrier 199 Vancouver VF
June 28 9.8 Ladysmith A MANDARIN OCEAN Bulk Carrier 190 Vancouver VF
June 25 12.4 Cowichan Bay D PAN FREESIA Bulk Carrier 292 Roberts Bank VF
June 25 12.6 Cowichan Bay F ING MAY Bulk Carrier 228 Vancouver VF
June 25 12.8 Trincomali 3 YM PACIFICO Bulk Carrier 229 Vancouver VF
June 19 19.2 Ladysmith C ODYSSEAS I Bulk Carrier 229 Vancouver VF
June 19 19.2 Ladysmith B IGNAZIO Bulk Carrier 185 Vancouver VF

The South Coast Ship Watch Alliance

The South Coast Ship Watch Alliance is a coalition of community groups in the Southern Gulf Islands, Cowichan Bay,
Ladysmith and Saltair. Environmentalists, concerned citizens, home owners and residents with a purpose to sound
the alarm about bulk freighters anchoring in local waterways and the many negative impacts they are having on
our environment, our homes and our communities.

Mission is to push government, industry and the Port of Vancouver to find solutions that will stop the use of
Southern Gulf Island waterways as a free parking lot for bulk freighters bound for Vancouver terminals.

The South Coast Ship Watch Alliance members are: