Victoria Gas Prices

2022 Oct 13th - BC CBC News - Gas prices in B.C. drop after weeks-long spike, but experts warn of future increases ..... more news

Top 10 Gas Stations & Cheap Fuel Prices in Victoria, BC

Price Prediction for Sunday 25th of February 2024

City Regular Change




Victoria Average



2022 Sep 28th - Vancouver is Awesome - Vancouver and Victoria gas prices set to top North American record

2022 Aug 24th - Times Colonist - Price of gas rises again - get used to it, say industry analysts

2022 May 24th - CBC - As the cost of gas climbs, here's what's fuelling the price at the pump

2022 May 16th - Times Colonist - Greater Victoria gas prices hit record high of $2.329 a litre

2022 May 9th - Times Colonist - Gas prices could rise by another five cents this week, analyst says with more to come

2022 May 6th - CBC News - 'Summer Of Our Discontent' Lay Ahead From Soaring Gas Prices, Says Expert

2022 March 8th - CBC News - Why are B.C. gas prices surging when the province gets most of its gas from local refineries?

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