Where's Blue Steel 2?

Blue Steel 2 - The cargo ship AAL Singapore Left Shanghai September 3rd after loading the second
load of steel components for the Johnson Street bridge off a barge that brought it
down the Yangtze river. The Singapore will take about 25 days to reach Victoria.

We also have the Johnson Street Bridge construction webcam, and weekly time lapse video updates here.

Updates every 30 minutes, last updated November 23 at 06:17 am

Current Status - Moored - Destination - Victoria

Distance - 5,143 KM - Speed (Last/Max/Average) - 0.0 knots / 18.4 / 13.9

August 31 - Times Colonist - Second steel shipment for Johnson Street Bridge to arrive end of September

Info: AIS data is by VHF radio with a range of 15-60 nautical miles, there will be 'Out of Range' periods when far from populated areas.

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Blue The ship is underway.
Purple The ship is stopped or at anchor.
Gold The ship is moored.
White The ship is not being reported by AIS, shown at last reported position.

Wind forecast for the current Singapore position at 48.41687, -123.39160

Use the slider at the bottom of the Wind map to change the forecast time.

AAL Singapore