Where's Seaspan Transporter?

Damen Shipyards has built two LNG-Hybrid RoRo Ferries for Seaspan at Damen Shipyards Mangalia.
These two innovative 149-metre vessels will join Seaspan’s fleet with 1,034 lane metres and have 209m3
LNG storage onboard as well as 2 megawatt hours of battery capacity. They will make the transatlantic voyage
under own power, then sail up the west coast of North America to British Columbia.

Dec 23rd: Also see tracking the new BC Ferry Salish Heron on her voyage from Poland to Victoria

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2019 June 3rd - Damen Shipyards - Damen building two LNG-Hybrid RoRo ferries for Seaspan ..... more news

Checks position every 30 minutes, last checked January 18 at 01:42 am

In the 1st leg (to the Panama Canal) of the "race" to BC, Salish Heron is 3,096 (0) crow KMs ahead of Seaspan Transporter

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