Where's SV Nereida?

After a two-year wait, 76-year-old Jeanne Socrates is making another attempt
at the world record for a solo around-the-world unassisted circumnavigation,
without touching land, by the oldest person, man or woman.
Jeanne expects this to be a seven-and-a-half-month effort.
She keeps a daily blog on her website:

2018 Dec 31st - CBC News - ‘Just hanging on’: 76-year-old sailor hits milestone in race for round-the-world record ..... more news

Updates are twice a day by Jeanne using

Nautical Miles Speed in Knots
Last Total Last Max Avg
50 12,045 5.5 7.9 4.52

Last log entry - Mon Jan 21 2019 23:29 GMT-07 (PDT)
"Still headsail alone"

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Wind forecast for current Nereida position at -39.460, -22.549

Use the slider at the bottom of the Wind map to change the forecast time.

S/V Nereida

2018 Dec 23rd - Times Colonist - Sailor, 76, clears big milestone in round-the-world journey

2018 Nov 8th - CHECK News - Victoria sailor, 76, crosses equator on attempt to set new world record

2018 Sept 30th - Times Colonist - Solo sailor, 76, ready for another attempt at round-the-world journey

2018 Sept 29th - CHECK News - 76-year-old woman to make fourth attempt to be oldest person to sail solo around the world

2017 Oct 2nd - Yachting and Boating World - Jeanne Socrates forced to abandon record attempt after a fall

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Jean-Jacques Savin: a man, a barrel and a bottle of wine

Jean-Jacques Savin

On Dec 26th 2018, Jean-Jacques Savin a Frenchman, began a journey across the Atlantic Ocean, departing
from near El Hierro, the smallest of the Canary Islands. Uncertain of where he will land, he packed accordingly
with Foie Gras and wine in his under 75 square foot barrel made of plywood that is orange and coated with resin.

Updates are once a day by Jean-Jacques

Nautical Miles
Last Total
49 637

Last log entry - Tue Jan 22 2019 4:48: AM GMT-07

Wave forecast for current Jean-Jacques Savin position at 27.71668, -26.32242

Use the slider at the bottom of the Wave map to change the forecast time.