Where's Island 4 and 5 ?

BC Ferries’ fourth and fifth Island Class ferries are now on their way to British Columbia. Island 4
departed Damen Shipyards Galati in Romania on June 7th, Island 5 on July 30th.

The yet-to-be named ferries will make the transatlantic voyage under their own power in
approximately 60 days, depending on weather. The approximately 19,800 KM journey
will include two stops for refuelling, first in Tenerife, Canary Islands then in Balboa, Panama
after transiting the Panama Canal. The vessels will sail up the west coast of North America,
arriving at Point Hope Maritime in Victoria, B.C.

Watch the June 22nd Panama Canal timelapse videos of Island 3 ....

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July 30th: Tracking The Ocean Cleanup which is now 1,483 KMs from Victoria, headed for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Checks position every 60 minutes, last checked August 05 at 07:12 am

Island 3 Island 4 Island 5

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Timelapse - June 22nd - Island 3 in Panama Canal (Gatun lock)

Timelapse - June 22nd - Island 3 in Panama Canal (Miraflores lock)

BC Ferries' third Island Class ferry departs shipyard bound for B.C.

The small Salish 3 is crossing the Atlantic - here's how the previous Island Class ferries did it .....

Two Salish class ferries being loaded aboard the heavy lift ship Sun Rise in Romania.
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