Where's John Cabot?

CCGS John Cabot - A new Canadian Coast Guard offshore fishery science vessel,
left the Port of Victoria in BC on January 7th, on a ~30 day,
~13,000 KM transit to her home port in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Voyage completed February 05 at 11:22 am

Watch the two January 24th Panama Canal timelapse videos ....

Current Status - Stopped - Destination - St. John's - Nautical Miles To Go - 0

Depart Days Kilometres Nautical Miles Speed in Knots
Last KM Last NM Last Max Avg
2021:01:07 29.0 0 13,570 0 7,327 0.1 15.7 10.75
Wind 10 knots from the SW (245°), air temp 3°C
Maximum reported wind speed: 44 knots

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2021 Feb 05 - VOCM News - Coast Guards Newest Fisheries Science Ship to Arrive in St. John’s Today ..... more news

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Blue The ship is underway - Terrestial AIS.
Green The ship is underway - Satellite AIS.
Purple The ship is stopped or at anchor.
White The ship is not being reported by AIS, shown at last reported position.

Wind forecast for current John Cabot position at 47.55865, -52.70508

Use the slider at the bottom of the Wind map to change the forecast time.

Timelapse video - January 24th - John Cabot in Panama Canal (Miraflores lock)

These timelapse videos are a little underwhelming because the transit was at night,
the Miraflores webcam was intermittently unavailable, and the John Cabot didn't
have the best placements in the locks.

Timelapse video - January 24th - John Cabot in Panama Canal (Gatun lock)

John Cabot starts journey to St. John's
John Cabot leaving Victoria January 7th (Image: Canadian Coast Guard)

John Cabot YouTube videos
Videos (YouTube)

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