Patricia Bay Tides

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There is a thing called the Maori Fishing Calendar. It is published in various forms in New Zealand. The Maori (and many other Pacific peoples) found that on certain days of the lunar cycle, fishing was better than at other times. These days are mainly the few days surrounding the New Moon. Does this stuff really work? It's not infallible. There are, after all, still the effects of weather and season to be factored in. However, many people are quite convinced that, on balance, you will catch more “fish per unit effort” on a day when the Maori calendar predicts good fishing than on other days.
Sunlight Sunlight plays a good part in the ability to catch fish. If the fish can’t see the bait, it is unlikely to find it. Many predatory fish have eyes that see better in low light than the eyes of their prey. So, in order to take best advantage of the superiority, they will be more aggresive in the low light conditions of dawn and dusk.
At noon. direct rays of the sun will stir up the plankton and make feeding fish more “snappy“.
Moonlight Bright moonlight is probably similar to sunlight from the perspective of the fish, so full Moon nights are also favoured fishing times when there is a bright Moon in the sky
Sun Position If it is true that the gravitational pull of the Moon affects the fish, then the Sun should have a similar effect, both when the Sun is directly overhead, or directly underfoot
Moon Position Many people have long held that the Moon's gravitational pull due to its position in the sky influences the behaviour of fish and their appetites. Good fishing is predicted when the Moon is directly overhead, or directly underfoot when the fish are hungy, and to a similar, if lesser, stimulating effect at Moonrise and Moonset
Tidal Flow You are more likely to catch some species of fish when there is a good current which is helpful in carrying the food supply (and your bait) towards the fish
	Sun - Feb 25
	High      6:26  10.45 ft 
	Dawn      6:31
	Sunrise   7:03
	Moonset   7:46
	--------  Noon  --------
	Low      12:01   7.16 ft 
	High      5:02   9.29 ft 
	Sunset    5:50
	Dusk      6:22
	Moonrise  7:17
	Low      11:40   3.89 ft 
	Mon - Feb 26
	Dawn      6:30
	High      6:41  10.38 ft 
	Sunrise   7:01
	Moonset   7:58
	--------  Noon  --------
	Low      12:33   6.47 ft 
	Sunset    5:52
	High      5:57   9.19 ft 
	Dusk      6:24
	Moonrise  8:23
	Tue - Feb 27
	Low      12:11   4.69 ft 
	Dawn      6:28
	High      6:57  10.33 ft 
	Sunrise   6:59
	Moonset   8:10
	--------  Noon  --------
	Low       1:06   5.77 ft 
	Sunset    5:53
	Dusk      6:25
	High      6:54   9.10 ft 
	Moonrise  9:30
	Wed - Feb 28
	Low      12:42   5.61 ft 
	Dawn      6:26
	Sunrise   6:57
	High      7:13  10.28 ft 
	Moonset   8:23
	--------  Noon  --------
	Low       1:41   5.11 ft 
	Sunset    5:55
	Dusk      6:27
	High      7:56   9.04 ft 
	Moonrise 10:39
	Thu - Feb 29
	Low       1:15   6.58 ft 
	Dawn      6:24
	Sunrise   6:55
	High      7:28  10.20 ft 
	Moonset   8:38
	--------  Noon  --------
	Low       2:18   4.50 ft 
	Sunset    5:56
	Dusk      6:28
	High      9:07   9.04 ft 
	Moonrise 11:50
	Fri - Mar 1
	Low       1:50   7.54 ft 
	Dawn      6:22
	Sunrise   6:53
	High      7:42  10.12 ft 
	Moonset   8:57
	--------  Noon  --------
	Low       2:59   3.96 ft 
	Sunset    5:58
	Dusk      6:30
	High     10:34   9.16 ft