Archive of Previous Trackings

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BC Ferries

Ship Trip Year AIS
Salish Heron Poland to BC 2022
Island 3,4,5,6 Romania to BC 2021
Sun Rise (Two Island Class) Romania 2019/20
Spirit of Vancouver Island Poland Refit 2018/19
Spirit of British Columbia Poland Refit 2017/18
Northern Seawolf Greece to BC 2017
Salish Raven Poland to BC 2017
Salish Eagle Poland to BC 2017
Salish Orca Poland to BC 2016

Coast Guard

Track Trip Year AIS
Atlantic Condor Two SAR Lifeboats from Halifax to Victoria aboard the Atlantic Condor 2021
CCGS John Cabot A new Canadian Coast Guard offshore fishery science vessel from Victoria to her home port in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. 2021

Sail and Life Training (SALTS)

Ship Trip Year AIS
Pacific Grace
Pacific Swift
Coastal BC 2017

Johnson Street Bridge - Steel Shipments

Ship Trip Year AIS
AAL Singapore China to Victoria 2017
AAL Kembla China to Victoria 2017


Track Trip Year Link
Mauna Loa Volcano Mauna Loa Volcano 2022
SV Nereida - Jean Socrates Oldest solo around-the-world
unassisted circumnavigation
Jean-Jacques Savin Crossing the Atlantic in a Barrel 2019
Car 42 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2019
HMCS Oriole Victoria to Nova Scotia 2017

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