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2022 April 5 - Peninsula News - Community groups call for end of anchorages in local waters ..... more news

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Arrived Days Zone Anchor Photo Ship Type Length
June 27 4.0 Ladysmith E JIA CHEN Bulk Carrier 217
June 23 8.3 Trincomali 2 OOCL OAKLAND Container Ship 280
June 20 10.8 Cowichan Bay C HL PORT HEDLAND Bulk Carrier 292
June 17 14.5 Trincomali 1 GOLDEN ZHEJIANG Bulk Carrier 292
May 24 38.0 Ladysmith F DOOYANG JEJU Bulk Carrier 225
April 22 70.1 Cowichan Bay D HL DANGJIN Bulk Carrier 292

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Petition e-2985

1,261 signatures (Closed March 30th, 2021)

Petition to the Government of Canada


  • Transport Canada’s Interim Protocol on the use of Southern BC Anchorages created a “voluntary protocol” aimed at reducing lights and noise and creating an equitable rotation of anchorages, which has been largely ignored and not enforced, and residents have seen both the frequency and duration of freighters at anchor increase over the past ten years;
  • Ancient clam beds, prawns, oysters, and endangered species, such as the southern resident killer whale, are at risk of environmental impact from these vessels, which have been shown to swing at anchor, increasing the risks of them coming aground and causing environmental and ecological disaster;
  • The federal government sees value in protecting the sensitive marine habitat in these waters through the establishment of a National Marine Conservation Area and that they should therefore not be used as an overflow industrial parking lot for the Port of Vancouver; and
  • First Nations in the region were not consulted, nor did they give their free, prior, and informed consent to the establishment of these anchorages in their unceded and traditional territories;

We, the undersigned, residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to support NDP member of Parliament Alistair MacGregor's Bill C-250, An Act to amend the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 (anchorage prohibition), to end the use of Southern BC Anchorages in the Strait of Georgia to protect our Vancouver Island coast and delicate ecosystems.

Petition e-2837

1,235 signatures (Closed November 14th, 2020)

Petition to the Government of Canada


  • In February 2018, Transport Canada introduced an Interim Protocol, as part of the National Anchorages Review. This protocol has resulted in a 400% increase in coal and grain freighters parking in the Southern Gulf Islands;
  • The protocol was supposed to last six months. More than two years later, the Interim Protocol is still in effect;
  • No parking fees are collected, minimal safety oversight is provided and no local jobs are created;
  • The parked freighters cause environmental damage to the sensitive Salish Sea ecosystem;
  • These environmental damages include: ocean floor damage from dragging anchors, disrupting the habitats of endangered orcas and other wildlife, air pollution from diesel generators, as well as noise, light and dust pollution;
  • In March 2020, a collision between two freighters in Plumper Sound highlighted the threat posed by the freighter parking and the potential for environmentally devastating fuel spill in the Southern Gulf Island region; and
  • Local First Nations governments and community members, area residents and community groups are all calling for the removal of the commercial anchorages from the Southern Gulf Islands.

We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to:

1. Eliminate the 33 commercial anchorages throughout the Southern Gulf Islands;

2. Improve the grain supply chain and terminal infrastructure, and evaluate the transport of U.S. thermal coal through the Port of Vancouver; and

3. Implement efficient international shipping standards such as the ‘Just-in-Time-Arrival’ computer system to better facilitate trade and the Canadian economy.

The South Coast Ship Watch Alliance

The South Coast Ship Watch Alliance is a coalition of community groups in the Southern Gulf Islands, Cowichan Bay,
Ladysmith and Saltair. Environmentalists, concerned citizens, home owners and residents with a purpose to sound
the alarm about bulk freighters anchoring in local waterways and the many negative impacts they are having on
our environment, our homes and our communities.

Mission is to push government, industry and the Port of Vancouver to find solutions that will stop the use of
Southern Gulf Island waterways as a free parking lot for bulk freighters bound for Vancouver terminals.

The South Coast Ship Watch Alliance members are:

A very tragic passing - Chris Straw, president of the South Coast Ship Watch Alliance
and his good friend Marc Doré were killed in an accident this Tuesday on Gabriola Island.

2021 March 18 - Times Colonist - Men killed at Gabriola were good friends, one building the other’s home.

2021 February 14 - CBC - Findings from investigation into cargo ship collision
worries Southern Gulf Islands residents

2021 February 8 - Canadian Press - Safety board report on B.C. ship collision says crews need to watch the forecast

2021 February 8 - TSB of Canada - Marine transportation safety investigation report M20P0092

2021 January 1 - MP Elizabeth May - Freighters In Our Waters

2020 December 15 - CHEK News - Nanaimo-Ladysmith MP calls on Canada to ban thermal coal exports

2020 December 8 - Nanaimo News Bulletin - OPINION: Freighters overstaying welcome,
but solutions exist, say Green MPs

2020 November 30 - Petition e-285 - Petition for the Private member's bill to ban freighters
from anchorages near Gulf Islands

2020 October 28 - Times Colonist - Private member's bill would ban freighters
from anchorages near Gulf Islands

2020 October 26 - CHEK News fb - MP’s bill would prohibit freighters from anchoring around Vancouver Island.

2020 October 26 - Peninsula News - MacGregor introduces bill to address freighter anchorages along the South Coast.

2020 October 17 - NDP Media Release - A John Horgan government will demand immediate action
on freighter anchorage, say BC NDP candidates.

2020 October 17 - Peninsula News - Federal NDP leader will champion freighter traffic issue.

2020 April 10 - Times Colonist - Freighter collision sparks call for stricter measures