The World's Toughest Row - Atlantic

Follow the rowing team Salty Science as four marine scientists demonstrate their passion
for ocean conservation by racing 4,800 KM across the Atlantic Ocean in the The World's Toughest Row.

2023 Dec 11th - Time Colonist - All-women team to row 6 weeks across Atlantic for ocean conservation

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Team Salty Science

  • Lauren Shea - a graduate student at the University of B.C. Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, came up with the idea and persuaded others to join her.
  • Isabelle Côté - a professor of marine biology at Simon Fraser University, said the mission shows the depth of their passion for the ocean.
  • Chantale Bégin - Côté’s former PhD student, now a professor at the University of South Florida
  • Noelle Helder - who met Shea when they were undergraduate students, and is now with the University of Alaska Fairbanks
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