Where's the V2V Empress?

Loading onto BBC Mont Blanc

The former V2V Empress catamaran is taking a ride aboard the BBC Mont Blanc!
Idle and moored for the last three years in the Victoria harbour, the vessel has been sold
and is now bound for Florida. The 180-tonne Empress will be going through the Panama canal
enroute to Florida, before it starts its new life as a re-branded passenger vessel ?somewhere? in the Caribbean.

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2023 January 11th - Times Colonist V2V Empress heads to new life in the Caribbean ..... more news

Checks position every 60 minutes, last checked February 04 at 05:51 am

Last Reported Position: 2 minutes ago
20 days at sea, 967 Crow KMs from Miami, Florida
Distance Speed in Knots
Last KMs Last Max Avg
22.6 7,044 12.0 16.0 12.42
Wind 21 from the NE (56°), air temp 26°C
Maximum reported wind speed: 32 knots

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Blue The ship is underway - Terrestial AIS.
Green The ship is underway - Satellite AIS.
Gold The ship is stopped, at anchor, moored, or shown at last reported position.
Red Out of Range - shown at last reported position.

Wind for BBC Mont Blanc at 11.76333, -79.85000

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Live map with current position (if underway with Terrestial AIS), otherwise the last reported position.

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