Where's the Pacific Legacy No. 1?

"The Pacific Legacy No. 1 set sail from Victoria for the high seas on Wednesday, equipped
with a huge multi-coloured trawl net to catch salmon for an onboard team of
international scientists tasked with figuring our their innermost secrets.

What is uncovered during 25 days at sea and through continuing study onshore is
intended to help explain what is happening to struggling Pacific salmon stocks as ocean
conditions change in the North Pacific.

Carla Wilson /Times Colonist

We also track the Coast Guard Pacific Fleet 24/7.

Voyage complete, last position update was March 7 at 9:22 am

Current Status - Stopped - Destination - Victoria

Depart Days Distance Speed in Knots
Last KMs Last Max Avg
2020:03:11 27 9 7,755 0 11.2 6.77

2020 April 8 - Times Colonist - Ship returns after international team spends month at sea studying salmon ..... more news

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Blue The ship is underway - Terrestial AIS.
Green The ship is underway - Satellite AIS.
Purple The ship is stopped or at anchor.
White The ship is not being reported by Satellite AIS, shown at last reported position.

Wind forecast for current Pacific Legacy No. 1 position at 48.43155, -123.37640

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Pacific Legacy No. 1r

Pacific Legacy No. 1r

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